What if workplaces had a pet?

This might be an awful idea. I’m jotting it down while I think.

Felix Firstly, this is Felix. She’s just received a promotion at work and a shiny new uniform and name badge.

From her Facebook page:

My name is Felix and I am the Senior Pest Controller for First TransPennine Express at Huddersfield Railway Station in West Yorkshire, UK.

She takes care of numerous jobs around the office, and is paid in daily treats and pats.

You’ll often find me in the ticket office helping with customer enquiries or patrolling the platform for pigeons and mice.

Looking at Felix in her adorable uniform, and thinking about how much joy she has brought her human colleagues, I can’t help but wonder if being given a “job” at a human workplace might be a better place for cats than stuck in a shelter long-term?


This obviously wouldn’t work for all cats. I imagine it would be best suited to a cat who hasn’t been abused by some dickhead (and that’s referring to you politely), a cat who doesn’t mind being a little independent but also likes being around people. In fact, maybe it would be ideal for cats who are a little older and ready to settle into a comfortable daily routine of food, naps and lounging?

The workplace hours would have to be suitable – not closed for long periods, or with multiple people available to take the cat home and keep it safe if such closures were to occur.

Workplaces would also have to accept and agree to all the responsibilities of having an animal – keeping dangerous things away, committing to feeding and taking them to the vet, and so on.

Or perhaps the idea of a working cat, on a large scale, is not a permanent one. Maybe it’s more of a foster care system – the cat gets a new home, gets exposed to a lot of new people, gets socialised, etc – and one of the office staff may choose to adopt, or the shelter can use the publicity generated to advertise for a new home for the cat.

Cats are definitely capable of holding down full-time employment: 



Being the boss


Tech support


Taking care of the filing


Inspiring the team



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