Keto Food Review: Cheese Tacos

My husband and I are currently on a ketogenic food plan, and it’s going really well! I wanted to post about some of the more interesting recipes we’ve tried and offer reviews on how well they went.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet

Our first couple of tries with new recipes went really well, but it was the cheese tacos that really piqued my interest. Partly because I couldn’t believe that they’d work, and partly because if they did I was going to be one happy girl.

Cheese Tacos We didn’t cook ours quite as long as these, so ours didn’t look quite so dark/super crispy. We pulled ours a little earlier, and found them delicious like that, so it’s good to note there is some wriggle room for just how ‘well done’ you want your tacos!

We used this recipe for the cheese tacos themselves (not the fillings, as we had them for dinner), but my husband cooked some beef mince with seasoning of his own invention on the fly – including some diced onion, paprika, and a small splash of tomato sauce.

There was some initial difficulty in getting the tacos successfully draped over the wooden spoon (I’m convinced there must be an easier way to approach this), but that gave us an excuse to sample the first “fail” taco. 😉

They were absolutely delicious, and once you work out the best way of pulling from the pan and draping, you end up with some well-formed and absolutely delicious keto-friendly tacos. The greatest thing about recipes like this is you feel like you’ve just had a totally normal (and in this case, more delicious) serving of old favourite dishes like Mexican which can be quite carb-intensive, and really something that I find myself pining over.

I’m excited to say this recipe ticks all the boxes:

  • Delicious
  • Keto-friendly
  • Satisfying – both for taste and feeling full
  • Versatile – I feel like the possibilities here for feelings and meal types are near endless, and I’m really excited to try out some more filling combinations

Suggestion: Have some sour cream on hand if you’re going to attempt to mimic Mexican like we did – it would have really set our dish off and made it a 10/10.


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