A couple of weeks back, I read something somewhere (I now have no idea where) about relying on motivation and the faults in doing that. It struck a chord with me, and I’ve been thinking about it on and off ever since.

The thing about motivation is, it gives us an excuse to put something off. “Just not feeling motivated right now, I’ll try again later”. If you’re anything like me, you seek that energised, motivated feeling to get tasks done – and put them off when you’re ‘just not feeling it’.

Writing this out, I can’t help but think “What a useless thing to write about, this is so obvious, you are the only one who didn’t see this before”. I’ll keep going even if this is true, because it’s helpful to do a brain dump and write out these kinds of things. I find it helps keep them current in my mind.


Instead of using the excuse of, “I don’t feel like it today/I’m not motivated so I’ll wait until I am”, this week is going to be the first week where I say “I don’t want to do it, I’m not feeling motivated, but I’m going to do it anyway.”

This includes getting Barricade back to weekly updates, sticking to our new year detox plan (I find thinking of it as a ‘diet’ has all kinds of negative connotations – detox is so much happier!), and finally trying my hand at submitting some articles for sites/magazines that will pay for them (if they like them).

I’m going to use discipline, not motivation. And I’m going to cultivate that little bloom of discipline I have until it grows into a daily habit, where I finally become a proper adult and get. Shit. Done.

I’ve also been marking off each successful detox day we complete with a big smiley face on my calendar – it makes me feel good to see all those smiley faces! 🙂



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