A Positive Outlook – 2016

I didn’t really want to post a “2016/New Year” post, and honestly this is something I think about all year round. It’s something that I’ve found actually really helps with my mood and outlook, and so I wanted to share in the hopes it might boost someone else up.

It’s so easy to get down or discouraged. It happens without any effort at all, and it often happens when you’re least expecting it (and your guard is down!). It can be difficult to emerge from being discouraged.

I’ve found actively looking around for good things helps me immensely. This morning on my way to work, I noticed three things that made me feel a whole lot better. I wasn’t particularly down, but going back to work for the first day after a holiday is always rough.

Reasons to smile, found on my way to work:

German Shepherd The German Shepherd

This little (err… big, actually) guy was going for a walk with his human. He was a pretty young dog from what I could tell, and his human was training him while they walked. I love dogs (BIG dogs in particular) and this was the first thing that made my morning happier.

There’s nothing quite like hanging out with a dog. They’re fun and goofy and they just love everything.

My only regret is he was way too far away for me to ask if I could give him a pat.


Kitty Cat Explorer kitten

The second cute/happy I saw was a cat sneaking around underneath what was presumably his house, exploring and playing in the early morning peace and quiet. I like to think he went home afterwards and put his cold little explorer’s feet up against his human and they had a nice, snuggling sleep in afterwards. (This also makes me insanely jealous, but it’s a nice happy kind of envy. :))

welcome The New Students

For a while, on my walk to work, I was beginning to think I’d have to settle for two positive outlook things, but then I saw a jagged line of people queueing up outside a building. Unsure what they were there for, I was dodging around them when I overheard an official-looking guy call out, “Are you here for student orientation? Come over this way to get started!” While I’m kind of surprised they’re starting already (it’s only the 4th!), it made me happy to think about.

A whole group of people who have a brand new year ahead of them of new friends and new experiences. For some of them, it will change their lives in awesome and amazing ways. They might meet their soulmate or embark on a journey to their dream career, or even just meet an amazing new best friend.

It’s not that often in life we get a brand new start at things, and student orientation is a good example of a time when we can start afresh, and leave behind anything we’ve outgrown. I hope they all have a great first day and an even better first year.

That’s my three positive outlook things for this morning, and I already feel better. Sometimes just looking at the positive and letting ourselves think happy thoughts is all we need to avoid a bad day. 🙂


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