If the trucks stopped…

truckies I don’t know if this is 100% accurate, but it does really highlight just how much we rely on our truck drivers to transport goods from A to B.

The message being shared behind this picture is to give trucks extra room, being aware of their blind spots and just being generally courteous. I already do all those things (I mean, if for no other reason, trucks are a hell of a lot bigger than most of our vehicles), but it did get me thinking about trucks in the Barricade world. To this point, Charlie and Jay have been relying on looting food and supplies from abandoned houses. While that’s feasible in an environment where so many people have been wiped out, it also has to end soon.

And this is where being self-sustainable comes in to play. Having your own garden, having your own means to grow and harvest food. If things really go sour, though, you also need the ability to protect it from both human and beast. A simple picket fence is going to do little to keep anything that’s hungry out.

All of this is not just rambling, it’s also in line with what’s about to happen to Charlie and Jay…


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