brussels-lockdown I’m admittedly behind the times on this one, but it’s so awesome it’s definitely worth a post, delayed or not.

Brussels, Belgium was recently on lockdown due to serious terrorist threats. Authorities asked locals not to tweet or post on social media any police or security activities, in fear of alerting any terrorists to potential targets or otherwise tipping them off.

Locals responded by flooding #BrusselsLockdown with photos, memes and general feel good images and quotes of cats!

During the lockdown, according to Huffington Post, there were 24 raids, 21 arrests, 1,000 cops patrolling, and 195,000 cat tweets!

I really hope this takes off around the world. While we might have some dark days ahead, if we can assist authorities and share cat pictures, we can bring some much needed smiles to high tension situations like this.


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